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    big natural wantin to join BIG leagues

    hey am a nutural bodybuilder. (6"6', 300lbs, 12-13% bf). im itching to start first course. at moment am on a pro hormone which is sh!t. my question is regarding the recommended courses on this site. my mates who do the gear reckon that 500mg evry week of ethanate is a bit excessive. whats everyones opinion? plannin to do 5x tabs of dbol ed for first four weeks. whats everyones opinion on this. Also i injured my shouilder about a year ago (rotator cuff) almost 100% now. but due to the injury one side of my chest is slightly weaker and smaller than the other, should i wait until iv recified this b4 i do the gear. Any advice would be great lads.

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    how come all of your 6 posts have been pretty much the same question, i know you got replys.and you must be doing something right.since you have gone from 297 to 300# in the last week or two.thats pretty good gains for someone as big as said before,lets see a pic bro.if your as big as you say naturally then you are a freak...i call bullsh!t

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    Perhaps, but nonetheless, who are we to judge? I must say though, 6'6" and 300lbs??Natural?? I think that 500mg test enth ew is fine. 250mg will help, but you're a big dude already and it might not have that much of an impact. I'd go with 500mg test enth ew, split into 2 shots, e3d, 35-40mg dbol ed for 4 weeks and run correct PCT and you should be good. Oh, run the enth about 10 weeks, I like 12, but go with 10 since it's your first, IMHO.

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