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    Big trouble,need help ,test =48

    My test levels came back at a 48 this week.I finished a steroid cycle 8 weeks ago and did prper pct.My doc put me on trt at 200mgs of test cyp every other week.Will my libido and sexual disfunction get better?Is it true I wont be able to have children if I am receiving trt?I am 32 and plan on starting a family in the next year or two.

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    If your natural test levels are at 48 you still need more time to recover. If you go on the test replacement therapy, you will only hinder any ability for your natural test levels to recover. A buddy of mine got his test checked and it was at 43 about 8weeks out of his cycle. He laid off the gear for several months and took HCG and GnRH injections through out. The GnRH was expensive compared to the HCG but, his test levels restored to a normal level. I forgot to mention that he did do pct before his test yeilded a 43. It takes time, be patient. If you want to have kids, do not go on test replacement. Try to let your body recover with the help of another doc. Go to an endocrineologist, they specialize in hormones. Often times they have treated bodybuilders and know what to do. Hope this helps.

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