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    Injections / local growth with winstrol?

    i injected 1cc into my right pec yesterday and it stung like a B*tch. i am willing to go thru the pain if local growth is possible, but i heard that you need at least 3cc's of winny in order to attain local growth

    is this true?

    also does it matter if you take your injections before or after your workout?

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    The only growth you'll get is from the volume of oil thats injected. There will be no permanant growth(unless you use synthol) at the injection site. As for when to inject, so ppl like to do it before so the workout assimulates the oil into the muscle better but some say not.

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    no way

    Every musclhead on the planet would have an ass bigger than a 767!! K

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    Quote Originally Posted by Special K
    Every musclhead on the planet would have an ass bigger than a 767!! K

    good point glute injection is the most common

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