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    forgot if i took my shot monday! dang it

    ok so im a idiot what can i say,, i think i may have missed my shot on monday. Has anyone else ever done this? I just got a new job and i was tired ass hell monday night i remember that. I dont have any pain anywhere, as far as injection site pain. Its only wensday so i should have some pain some where i would think if i took the shot. Im on 750 mg per week test e only, 5th week in,, starting to feel it. Will i over do it guys if i take my biweekly shot and i already had one monday? Ya im an idiot, this suck.. any help would be great.

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    Don't worry about it. One week won't kill you.

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    id rather era on the side of more then take the extra shotf your into your 6th week your levels are just stabalizing,i wouldnt want to knock them down a notch

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    Like DevlDog said. You would probably rather go with more than less. Just find out what you have left. You should be able to figure out from there if your missing a cc or not.Oh and to the other Marines Semper Fi.

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