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Thread: I <3 Prop

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    I <3 Prop

    I must admit, this is by far my best cycle. I just ended week 3 today of my Prop/Tren cycle (started Tren this week). I'm up about 6lbs, but man it's a solid 6lbs.. My closet is full of shirts that fit like they are from the 5th grade.. Everyone says Prop hurts, but I brewed my own @ 2%BA/13%BB and it's PAINLESS. So if all you are worried about is pain, brew it yourself and it's like butta. The Tren hasn't kicked in yet I don't think, it's been 6 days. I'm running 100mg Prop/60mg Tren ED. Everyone told me to run Prop/Tren ED and now I know why. For all you guys who don't mind the injects.. ED is DEFINANTLY the way to go. I'll have before/after pics posted as soon as I'm done. Just thought I'd share my love of Prop and Tren.. I know I'm not alone..
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    ya bro i plan on running the same thing just with Eq also.. goodluck the rest the way..

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