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Thread: clen cycle ?

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    clen cycle ?

    a bro of mine got himself one hundred clen tablets today hes 15 stone looking to drop atleast a stone, now i know nothing about this drug at all. so he asked me to ask u guys how many tablets he should take a day and for how long... ?

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    humm let him do some reading bro
    5-8 table a day but start with one tab and go up from there
    second day 2 tabs ,third day 3 tabs , fourth day 4 tabs until u reach day 6 or 7 with seven tabs also cycle 2 weeks on 2 weeks off with clen

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    start with one and up it by one until the sides become to much. But yea, he shouldnt be taking something that he doesnt know anything about, so either he needs to read up, or you need to get him some information on it before he just starts popping pills

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