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    Question Cycle 2 - what should i do?

    Hey guys,

    I'm 21 year old male, and i recently just finished my first cycle

    10 ml Deca 300 QV
    10 ml Test Enathate OV
    10 ml Test Prop OV
    and 300 dbols

    the whole cycle ran about 10 weeks and i made some huge gains. I went from a small 175lbs to a jacked 191 lbs. After it was all said and done im sitting around 185. I really want to do a second cycle, but what should i do?

    Help out a new gas bag!

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    give your body time off..

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    For as long as you were on the cycle plus PCT you should take that time off.

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    And when you are ready. IMO you should get yourself another bottle of Test E and Deca . I would forget the d-bol and run it like this.
    1-4 Test Prop 100mg/ED
    1-10Test E 250mg 2 x week
    1-10 Deca 200mg 2 x week
    11&12 prop100mg/ED (Just My Opinion) that would set yo uright for PCT only 3 days after your last Prop shot instead of waiting 2 whole week after the Test E for PCT. Plus you hace Test running longer than your Deca which is good. hope that helped.

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    i have already been off my cycle for 2 months and im going to wait a few more before i start again. I wont do dbol again, and im trying to stay away from deca

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