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Thread: Gold Triangle?

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    Gold Triangle?

    hey guys i ran a search but didnt find anything so sorry if this is a repost...
    anyways my source carries Qv test and Eqipoise and he says he has "Gold Triangle" prodcts and its Test E at 400mg per ml... and i didnt know they made the test at that i thought it was only 200mg and 250mg... is this stuff legit or fake... also he says he has Eqi 500 is there even a such thing as this?
    I've never heard of this brand and im just wondering if its bs or not thanx for the help

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    MrMent1on is offline National Level Bodybuilder
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    never heard of EQ at 500mg.. I heard of 100mg an dI currently have 200mg. I know they make a test mix that about 400mg but straight Enanthate

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