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    Need Help, First time user?

    I am thinking of taking testosterone Propinate, I was just wandering if any one knows if you can keep your gains after you quit your course, or how much gains if any you could keep?

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    dude if its ur first time using gear i would personally go with test ena. that was my first and i had great results even though i ran a low dose of 250mgs a week for 10 weeks and be sure to focus on ur pct sure to get some nolva to take also while using gear other than that do some research bf u make up ur mind for good... good luck bro

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    First off....I'd recommend something like Test Enanthate or cyp. Less injections and more gains, although slightly less lean gains than prop. With the ENan or Cyp you can do two injections a week and keep the test at about 500mg/week. That way you can get used to what sites work best for you as well as the type of pain you may experience from injecting. ALso, as far as pain goes, prop is gonna be a lot harder on ya thatn E or Cyp. I'd go with this----
    1-12 Test Enanthate (or CYP) 500mg/week
    read up on PCT as well as in cycle treatments (nolva, etc)

    Good luck,you'll find a ton of help here.

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