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    Testosterone Propinate HELP?

    I start Testosterone Propinate tomorrow just wandering should I start at
    1ml a week, or 2ml a week

    For good gains how many weeks should I be on it for and how many days a week should I start

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    you're obviously NOT ready to start AAS if u have no clue how long to run, and even how to actually run it

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    #1- read this until you understand it and order your supplies(..from AR-R ...)
    #2- Go visit and read,read,read.....Make sure you understand the info and how to maintain sterile injection practices......
    #3- How old are you and what are your current stats and goals?
    ....After doing this post your cycle and any questions on the forum and ask for critique/help on your cycle..the people here will help you....
    #4- Run your Test prop @ 75mg ED for 10-12 weeks and also use Nolva @ 10mg/day every day until you start PCT...(This is my suggestion, ask for more input from others)
    #5- Apply the info and supplies from #1 so you can run a proper PCT

    ....Good luck......

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    It depends on how many mgs 1ml is. You shouldnt plan your weekly dose by mls, you look at it in mgs. IMO Anything less thn 500mgs of any sort of test p/week is a waste of time. Also dont forget that prop is best taken EOD or ED. Do some research, thats why you are here

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    eod ed around 4- 500mg depending- and most poople use it as a JUMP start at the start of their cycle! THATS usually around 4 weeks- BUt if your going to take alone you should run it at least 10 12 weeks!

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    I don't think that you should start with any aas if you need to ask how many ml you need per week but in general 50mg ED for a jumpstart and 75-125 ED if it's all you're running. With daily injections you will keep you bloodlevels steady and you wont see as much side effects.

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    No offense but you are clueless. I see from your other posts you either are using or want to use insulin . You are going to kill yourself or end in a diabetic coma with brain damage. Stop everthing and spend a few months educating yourself!!!!

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