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    Z-Tracking - How To Inject Without Leaks...

    Posted by: "Sweet" at MuscleNexus

    "This is the actual procedure to do IM injections directly out of one of my nursing textbooks. I hope it helps somebody.

    It is recommended that, when administering IM injections, the Z-track method be used to minimise irritation by sealing the medication in muscle tissue. The nurse selects an IM site, preferably in larger, deeper muscles such as the ventrogluteal muscle. A new needle must be applied to the syringe after preparing the medication so that no solution remains on the needle shaft. After preparing the site with an antiseptic swab, the nurse pulls the overlying skin and subcutaneous tissues approximately 2.5-3.5 cm (1-1.5 in) laterally to the side. Holding the skin taut with the nondominant hand, the nurse injects the needle deep into the muscle. With practice, the nurse learns to hold the syringe and aspirate with one hand. The nurse injects the medication slowly if there is no blood return on aspiration. The needle remains inserted for 10 seconds to allow the medication to disperse evenly. The nurse then releases the skin after withdrawing the needle. This leaves a zig-zag path that seals the needle track where the tissue planes slide across each other. The medication can not escape from the muscle tissue.

    Here is the diagram."

    Alot of people find this beneficial when injecting B12...
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    Good post bro, makes a lot of sense.

    I've heard an explanation of z-tracking before when someone explained that it means injecting in different sites so that the entry holes would form a z, I said it sounded like BS but he insisted it was the way to go. Now I can explain to him how z-tracking really works!

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    Nice bro!

    Leaks sucks, i think "Oooooh noooooo!!" when i see leaks
    nice info there!!

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    interesting stuff

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    pretty good idea, but I find alittle gear on the needle helps it go in smoother, and I have never had anything leak out. Is this artilce refering to 1 drop or a significant amount of substance? But maybe I'll give it a try and see what happens. Thanks for the info.

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    that makes sense. bump for this

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    Yeah, good post. I am gonna have to try that. Leaks suck a**.

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    this is one of many different techniques. i am a nursing student about to graduate. z track is a good technique but the problem is the only time u can use it on urself is doin quad shots where u can use both hands. i wouldnt trust anyone doin this to me unless they have been trained because not many people know that it is doesnt take alot to break the needle off in ur skin then ur screwed. just leave a .01cc air bubble in ur syringe and that will serve as a cap and minimize leakage. if u have a current nursing book u should have already read about the air bubble technique that is primarily used in america for im injections. the z track is more of a euro method.

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    Lovin Alba's butt

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    Yeah its basic practice now adays they teach that to all of the nurses and doctors now.

    And here is a good site for glute injects.
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