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    Help with Omnadren 250 and Deca...?

    Help with Omnadren 250 and Deca...?Help with Omnadren 250 and Deca...?I need some help with cycle tips with Omnadren 250 and Deca .. I have 10 amps Omnadren 250 1ml, and 10 amps Deca 2 ml. This is my second time with AS, so plz give some tips!!
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    well to start, you dont even have enough gear bro, get about 10-15 more amps of the omnas and 10 more of the deca (i assume its 100mg/ml)
    run it like this
    omna250 1 amp every 3 day
    deca 400mg/week
    make sure you have clomid and nolvadex on hand

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