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Thread: T3/Clen Cycle

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    T3/Clen Cycle

    Hey everybody... im a newbie here but have read alot of good info from everybody. Im currently running a T3/Clen stack as I type and I have read alot of stuff before I decided to type this. My T3 stack is as follows:

    Days 1-5: 25 mcg a day
    Days 6-10: 50 mcg a day
    Days 11-15: 75 mcg a day
    Days 16-20: 50 mcg a day
    Days 20-25: 25 mcg a day

    This is the cycle that I was told to to do by some very informative people plus I backed it with some research on my own. My Clen cycle is as follows:

    2 weeks on/2 weeks off: 40,60,80,100,120,120,120,120,120,120,100,80,60,40

    I am on day 14 of the T3 and day 4 of the clen... I have seen good results so far even without AS for the T3. My big question is the T3 PCT. What is exactly needed ( i have read several different supps for it) how much is needed, and where i can find it all (GNC?, Internet? ect..) I do appreciate the tip on BBT, i will start taking it immediately! I would appreciate any help ou there... THanks... ROY G 78

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