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    Tijuana pharmacies

    hey everybody this is my first post on this site. I have been reading all of the threads for a few months, and cant thank you all enough for all the info ive gotten.

    I recently moved to a border town near tijuana in mexico, and i have noticed that aside from there being pharmacies on nearly every block, they all sell AS. I was going to ask if anyone knew of any good pharmacies that carried a lot of legitimate products in the tijuana area, but then i realized that perhaps this question is unsuitable for the board. If giving specific pharmacy names or addresses is unkosher here, please disregard the question or let me know not to noob up this site. but if its ok, i would love to know some of the places you guys have had success with in the past in TJ.

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    Stay away from the main street, revolucion. I know some have had success there, but cops eye that street like no other.

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    Try to go further into mexican if u can. Alot of the pharms near the border are tourist traps and have alot of fake gear. We try and go as far as we can into mexico, without risking our safety.

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    Go to Rosarito Vet Pharms.

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