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    i'm having pain...?

    I started a cycle of Winny on Wednesday, and I started getting a pain on Friday, and it's been constant until now. It's about 2 inches below my belly button, and spreads out to either side for about 3 inches. It's not a pulled muscle, a hernia, a kidney stone, or a urinary tract infection, or anything like that, i don't think. It really hurts to run, or twist, and I play a sport so I have to. It hurts the most when it feels like my insides move. I was just wondering if this is normal, or if anyone had anything that could help out. Please!!!
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    Thats really strange, have you had yourself checked out? I've never heard of anythinglike that before!

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    Sounds like Gall bladder pain but in the wrong place. I have been taking Winstrol for about 3 weeks and no pains at all. My hair is falling out like a dead flower though.

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    it sounds like the same pain i had when i had to get my apendix out. is the pain a liitle more on the left side then the right? could be pendicidice (sorry for spelling). go to doctor dont wait it can be fatal

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    Bro go to the Doc and get checked out - this could be one of 10-12 things - go get looked at - it's not the winny

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