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    Adding M1T to a prop/fina cycle?

    23 yrs/5'7" 186 lbs @ 10% bf/training for 5 years/researched AAS use for 4 months before starting

    This is my first gear cycle, I'm doing

    week 1-10 75 mg fina ED
    1-12 100mg test prop ED
    1-16 20mg nolva ED
    1-16 200mg B6 ED
    1-16 .25mg ldex ED

    doing clomid PCT 3 days after last prop shot...

    Prior to this I did M1T stacked with 4AD for a 2.5 week cycle (10mg m1t ED, 800mg topical 4AD ED), 6 weeks of nolva and trib PCT (which took forever for me to get sex drive back and I'll never do a half assed PCT again). Gained 10 lbs and got acne from hell post cycle.

    So I have 1/2 bottle left of M1T 5mg tabs staring at me and I'm in week 5 of my current cycle. Has anyone used M1T along with a prop/fina cycle and what were your results? I'm thinking of throwing this in to kill the bottle for week 6-8.
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