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Thread: Cycle problems?

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    Arrow Cycle problems?

    This is the cycle that I plan to take.
    I may not be able to get test e 500mg.
    If I can I will use that, if not I will use test e 200mg. cause I know I can get that.
    test e 2 times a week.
    deca 400 mg once a week.
    I will take this cycle this strength for 6-8 weeks and then quit for about 1 month.
    do you think I should start out with smaller doses and then get stronger doses and then weaken the doses when I get closer to the end of the cycle?

    If I do have to take testosterone enanthate 200mg twice a week, am I supposed to take a full cc every dose? And if I can get test e 500mg should I take 1 full cc twice a week? or 2 half cc per week?

    If I weigh about 150 now how much weight can I expect to gain after 8 weeks?

    Someone told me to take clomid while I am on the cycle. what is it and how does it work?

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    Guy I think you got mixed up with the dosage someone told you to take. First when they said 500mgs that was meant to be 500mgs total. SO if you have 250mg strength Test Enanthate thats 2 CC's. I doubt anyone suggested you use 500mg strength Testosterone . That would hurt like a b!tch!!!LOL It wouldnt be a positive thing to use 500mg strength gear over 200mg strength gear..

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    first of all if u weigh 150 u shouldnt be messing with aas! u never siad how old u are what ur diet and training habits are like? My advice is to grow as big as u can naturally which would be alot more then 150 i didnt start my aas until i was in my early twentys and weighing tint the 230 's i realize not everyone can get that heavy but find out what u body can handle natrually wiht hard work and eating like a biatch

    but if u are set on doing this i would run ur cycle like this

    1-13 test e 500mg using the 250mg one cc on monday one on thursday
    1-11 deca 450mg using 3/4 cc on monday and thursday

    run nolva 10mg a day

    and make u sure u have prorper pct in ploace

    again though i would hold off till u have reached ur natural potential

    good luck bro

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    ya bro i would hold off

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    I have been working out for 4 years and I have been lifting hard. I am 20 years old. I can bench 250 when I weigh 150. It has been that way for about 8 months and I am pretty sure that I am at my natural peak.

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