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Thread: Plz Help.

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    test propinate question

    I am about to undergo surgury and i will be on a 2-3 week layoff. I wanted to take a test to maintain muscle. i was thinking along the lines of 200mg of a proponate a week for this. any comments or suggestions would be helpful. thanks
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    eat properly and that should helkp.

    i dont know abou tthe test. juice isnt magicaly where as it jsut builds muscles. it only part of the equation

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    Taking two-three weeks off may actually be good for you.

    Just over-train your ass the week prior to your surgury, your body will adapt and use the following rest period to fully repair.

    Even if you don't do jack ****, in 2-3 weeks not much will change that you won't get back within a week. It may actually do you some good to take time off.

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    do not take gear while undergoing surgery, wait and do it after you recover, watch what you eat while down as diet will be key to preservation of muscle and loss of fat so take advantage the best you can. get well soon

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    thank you for ur responses. i am going to over-train my ass the 2 weeks prior to surgury. load up on protein, glutimine and fish-oil while recovering. save the gear for a 2-4 weeks after i begin training again after recovery. thanks again

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    AnabolicAlien Guest

    no no no...

    no... don't overtrain your ass off... surgery of any type will add a lot of stress to your body... so why begin the stress 2 weeks prior? just train normally until surgery... take a few weeks off, then get back into it. unless you're getting a heart transplant or something major i don't think you'll look much different 2 months from now.


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