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Thread: Tren/Prop - HCG

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    Tren/Prop - HCG

    When should I do my 1st injection of HCG , since prop only lasts 3 days. Since Im starting PCT 3 days after last shot of prop. 3 weeks of HCG a shot every 5 days. So when should I start HCG like 3 weeks before cycle ends? My hcg looks like this for dosage, 3000, 3000, 2500, 1500. Do I really need HCG for this cycle if I cant get it? Will Nolva just do good? I think I recover good always.

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    I would use HGC after tren , or for that matter deca or deca/tren. I also always pct with clomid

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    Do pheednos pct

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