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    Smile hcg during cycles

    in four weeks away from starting my next cycle of
    wk 1-4 50 mg anadrol ed
    wk 1-12 400 mg deca ew
    wk 1-15 500 mg test enthanate
    pct to follow
    i think this is the right cycle for a bulker?
    what my piont is my mates at the gym say i can introduce hcg into my cycle
    if so what good will it do for my gains?
    and how do i introduce it into my cycle i have 6 ampules to hand do i need more or am i wasting my time?
    p.s. try not to flame me ive done a much research a i possibly can but i always come back here for advice from you guys.thanks.

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    hcg just makes your nutz get bigger after they atrophy.

    just a cosmetic thing

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    "Just a cosmetic thing"? Come on bro. Your a vet here. It does that, but it aids in recovering after the cycle is over. And the faster you can recover, the easier it is to keep gains.
    As for your cycle...Anadrol50? Have you used that before? It completely destroys your appetite. And to time the cycle correct to start PCT right, you need to run the Deca to week 13. It takes 3 weeks for Deca to clear out and 2 for the Test E.

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