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    Am I doing somthing wrong?

    hey guys... im in week 6 of my cycle.. plannin on goin for 12 with test enan (500mg/wk) and 10weeks of deca (300mg/wk)... im takin nolva and i have clomid for afterwards.. im takin multi vitamin, b12, b6, eatin everything in the **** house (at LEAST 3000 calories a day, prob round 200 to 250grams of protien a day) im liftin 5 days a week hittin one muscle group a day ( doin 3 excercises, 3 sets of 4-6 reps for each muscle group) im not gainin like i used to.. im 21 years old 5'8" and just hit 200 lbs today.. (not too much body fat, 14% maybe) ive prob only gained a good 8lbs so far but im stuck around 198-200lbs!!! WTF!!! this stuff is makin me strong as f*ck (benchin 315 5 times) but id like to see more size and more weight!!! whats goin on with me??

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    give it some more time and re-check your diet, up the calories also

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    eat more....i eat more than that when i'm cutting. If your lookin for weight you need to eat bro. at 200 lbs you are gonna need to START at 4k a day. It almost sounds like you started juicing to early...You MUST...MUST have your diet and workout in line before you juice.

    Also, Possibly you are not busting hard enough. I personally find that i must do 4 excercises per group for 4 sets of 10-6. Your routine looks more like a powerlifter than a bodybuilder!!

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    Yea bro do at least 4 exercises per body part, maybe 5 at 4-6 sets each!!

    Also, like the other dudes said, EAT!! try 2g protein per lb of bodyweight
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    I know im just reiterating what everyone else said but.... EAT! And switch up your training routing not only in the amount of sets you do but also try some different techniques. I know its hard to do when your lifting huge weight to go lighter but try and concentrate on near perfect form and really WORKING the muscle when you lift.

    Oh yeah... and EAT! :P

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    week 6? your gear is just now startin to run on all cylinders. like everyone else said, eat, and train like a dog and your set

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