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Thread: coming off dbol

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    coming off dbol

    Im using dbol to jump start my cycle of Test E. Im on 30 mg of dbol a day with 350mg of test e a week. Im running dbol for the first 4 weeks and running test e for 10 weeks. I was just wondering if i will lose any of my gain after week 4 when i stop using dbol while only running 350mg of test e a week.

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    No you shouldnt loose anything after coming off dbol . I do not start to loose gains until my cycle is over and it is just extra water weight I picked up.......

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    why are u only running 350mgs a week? u should run 500mg of test e a week for 10 weeks...
    and if u are taking the dbol to jumpstart, u may notice a bit of a loss in strength when stopping the dbol, but it will be right back up once the test kicks in...... some ppl dont notice a diff but most ppl i have talked with do notice a diiff..

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