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    Question Need some HELP!!

    I ve been despairigly trying to gain weigt for 12 weeks in the row now , i 've join local gym, started heavy lifting and increased my calories to 3000 per day but instead of gaining i've lost 7 lb !! i don't know what to do> now i"am thinking about "Andriol " . Is that a good idea for me ? PS i would appreciate ANY suggestions.
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    u should probably try and increase your calories. I try to consume over 5k a day and i make good gains.

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    if you're serious i hope you don't get slammed.

    12 weeks is not enough! increase your calories to 4000, don't do cardio and get a solid lifting routine. you don't need steroids right now. it wouldn't help you much anyway because you have no base.

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    what dr. evil said..........

    btw- andriol is crap.........dont waste your $

    peace bb79

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    Yep the advice offered is good Rome wasn't built in a day

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    Well first off, what is your workout like at the gym. How any exercises and reps are you doing? What kind of calories are you eating? Are you eating enough protein, and carbs?
    I wouldn't flat out recommend AS to anyone right off the bat, I would only recommend them to someone who has been training for a long time and who has done alot research on AS.
    First off, I would go with the Creative and Glutamine. that will put some pounds on you. Ingest about 5 Grams of Creatine a day and it will put some pounds on it, and you may even be impressed with the results, I was while I was off AS.
    PUt alot of weight on the bar, and do low reps high weight. That will put some mass on you. Make sure you are consuming 1-1.5 grams of Protein per your body weight a day, and anywhere from 200-600 grams of carbs a day. If you don't see a weight gain after that then come and then we talk about AS. Good luck..

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    Rome wasnt build in 12 weeks either................

    dr. evil said it best, no cardio eat alot train upper and LOWER body and adadrol is shit,, as quick as you gain it you loose it faster..

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    The best advice I can give is to train hard, eat well, drink a ton of water, and get 8 hours of sleep a night. You should be supplementing protien too. Get 3500 cals and 250 grams of protien a day. Follow the above guidelines for 2 years and you'll be in good shape. Then MAYBE consider juicing...

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    Originally posted by Sicilian30
    and anywhere from 200-600 grams of carbs a day.
    Yeah, like everyone else said. But make sure the carbs are complex carbs..

    p.s. That's how I started out, except I didn't have a stomach. I had a 35" beer blister. The results will come in time with consistency in your diet and training. It takes about 4-6 months of very hard work to get the base that they're talking about. After that the results just start coming and coming. If you think that you're working hard and eating well, you're probably not. One day you get the realization and can see clearly what it takes. I guess that's part of the base too. Sure do miss that beer though...

    Have patience, it looks like you're only another 12 weeks away from the base. And the good news is that you lost 7 lbs. You're learning how to manipulate your body. Now fine tune it and get it going the other way. The posts that the others made sound like a good start.
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