Alright, I am 6 weeks into my cycle:
weeks 1-12 500 test-e
weeks 1-14 400 eq
nolva throughout (i tend to hold a little water)
pct ready after last shot.
my question is I have 200 turnabol(BD) and was wondering if I should take 50mg ed for the last 4 weeks. I was reading about Turnabol and it is like d-bol for strength and anavar for hardness. I have winstrol on hand but would rather keep that for the spring time "Get Cut" cycle along with my Tren . Does anybody have any advice? Will the Turn work as hardner? Stats are 5-11 227lbs, diet is great, one cheat day a week ususally on Sunday for football. It is sweater weather where I live, so no point in getting all ripped to shreds at this present time. i am probably about 10%-12% at this time, which is up from about 7%-%8 this past summer.