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Thread: Critique Cycle

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    Critique Cycle

    this is my 3rd cycle...i am trying to lean out and cut up while gaining muscle as well..
    wk 1-12 300mg per week primobolan
    wk 1-12 300mg per week equipoise
    wk 1-8 50 mg per day of anavar tabs
    pct at the end..
    i am 28 yrs old, 6,2m, 210 lbs..been lifting consistently for 3 1/2 yrs
    thanks everyone..

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    I wouldnt run any less then 400mg of primo. I'd also bump up the eq and have some test in there... some prop maybe. If it were me i would only run the primo or the eq, not both. As far as anavar , i dont really have an opinion... never been particularily fond of it myself.
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    primobolan and eq are basically the same thing..personally id go wtih eq , if you take primo its weak unless stacked with a testosterone ester or dianabol

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    Toss test in keep the primo IMO and def run the var

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    Throw in some test E wks 1-13 @ 500mg/wk. I would also run the var toward the end of your cycle so that you can take it right up to your PCT.

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