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Thread: help puffy

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    help puffy

    know you guys have seen this a thousand times. I have read many of the posts. But.. Woke up this morning and noticed my nipple sticking out and the little things around the nipple protruding. I swear it looked like a womans nip. I went into my first cycle a have learned a sI went which is stupid. But now iM here. Im in my 6 week. Started with Dbol for weeks. Didnt have test and was doing deca . I know Bad. Learning. eek Currently doing 400 test e 300 Deca. Started at 200 test but read that the test needs to be more than the deca.

    My nips have not been sore, Have not felt any lumps. I have a big chest to start. Ordered Nolva last week to have in case. Not in yet. Have Letro on hand.

    If I go to the doctor will they cancel my insurance. IF I do go do I tell him as I need Nolvadex now?? He also had me on test for low test level. But that was 30mg sublingual.

    JUst wanna do the right thing..

    LOtsa questions.. Need some feedback.

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    hey bro, quit postin the same thing over and over. i'm just gonna keep deletin it

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    Thank God someone else noticed this!


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    Thanks for the help

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