whats up bro, im currently in week four of my cycle and it is going along quite nicely.....i am already up 222 morning weight from 213.....my cycle looks like this

week 1-12 cyp 600mg
week 1-12 prop 75mg MWF
week 1-8 var 30mg ed
week 13-15 prop 75mg ed
nolva 10mg ed, 20mg ed during pct
regular clomid 3 days after last prop shot

#1 i had orginally wanted to run my prop for 4 weeks as a jump start, but i like it so much and i think it is workign so well i decided to run it the whole time

#2 i know alot of you are going to say to up the var, but i am seeing good results at 30mg ed.....and i am having trouble getting more so i can't run it for longer

i also have ECA and clen ....i am wanting to run these sometime at the end, or after this cycle....i know the clen would be great during pct for its anti-catabolic properties.....so if anyone can help me time that i would really appreciate it....oh by the way, this is my first time with clen