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    Expert Advice NEEDED! thanx.

    Around graduation of college 3 years ago, I was really stressed out and became diagnosed with Panic Disorder as a result of overload of stress from finals and several major life changes. Doc prescribed paxil 3 yrs ago and my weight has gone up gradually about 25lbs from 170 to 195lbs. I recently decided to get back into the ring and compete boxing again. I've been training cardio about 4-5x/ week, and on a $28/day zone health food delivery program. Ive been doing this for about two months now and I've already lost 12 lbs (now 182), but I want to lose about 12 more and get back to my old weight (170). Im wanting a little chemical boost, and was wondering if anyone could help me with the following questions.

    Current Stats:

    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 182
    BF: 16%
    Goal- Lose 12 more lbs. and be approx 170. and roughly 8%bf or less.
    Target Weight: 170lbs.

    1. Is it possible to actually lose 12lbs of weight on primobolan (tabs or depot) or will it primarily change my body composition as in same weight but less fat/more muscle?

    2. I've wanted to do clen but I was told not to mix any stimulants w/ my anxiety medication... any info on mixing ssri's and aas?

    This is the type of cycle I was thinking about, any suggestions?
    For cutting only are primo tabs or depot better?

    1. 100 primobolan depot - if I did tabs I know it'd be different.
    2. 200
    3. 300
    4. 300
    5. 300
    6. 300
    7. 300
    8. 200
    9. 100

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    i wouldnt suggest AS right now, stick with cardio and clean up your diet even more and i bet you lose the 12 pounds natural. Check the diet and workout forums for tips, they really help.

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    How does the paxil effect ur breathing during heavy cardio or sparring. Thanks mannic. I used primo depot and anavar ,I lost body fat rapidly;but did not lose much weight as I got stronger due to increased muscle mass. U will lose that weight with diet and cardio,NO simple carbs!

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