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    Help, cant digest protien

    Well i have been consuming about 150 grams of protien through drinks for the last year. I have been off steriods for 2 weeks now. Yesterday i had to go to the doctor because i thought i had ahernia. After the doctor took x rays of my stomach she said i had bowles stuck all throughout my stomach. This is wierd because i go like twice a day. She asked if i have been taking in alot of protien and if i eat fruits and veggies. I do not really eat veggies but i am starting now. My question is now that i am off cycle should i lower my protien intake, and is there something i should take to help digest the protien.
    I have never had so much pain.

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    1-Always stay with the rule of thumb 1.5-2 grams of protein per pound of weight in order to build/maintain muscle...1g/lb would be the lowest i would go

    2-Add a granola bar to your diet and take a fiber supplement like metamucil or other brands

    3-increase water intake greatly, drink water every chance u get

    4-U might want to change your protein drink, there are other proteins out there that are almost lactose free and are very tolerable even to the most sensetive of digestive systems. I recommend Isopure protein or another great one that tastes great and is cheap is Solid Whey wich is an excellent bang for the buck.

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    Some people can't take the Whey. Maybe try Egg Protein powder or soy is another alternative. One good rule of thumb though is: never drink 2 shakes back to back! Always have a solid (REAL) meal between them.


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