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Thread: car accident

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    car accident

    got bad real bad whip lash, and messed up C5 vertibre(sp?), was advised not to do shrugs for alittle while till the inflammation goes away....
    Is it like guarantee'd that my trap muscles will degenerate since i havent worked them in forever?

    I was going to do a bulk this month, do you guys think it would be a bad idea since I cant work my traps?
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    Id wait till your totally healed, nothing like doing a cycle injured. I fukin separated my shouldie about 2 monthes ago, just started workin out again 3 weeks ago, fuked my hole cycle plans, was planning on hittin up a cycle in Jan. but i dunno now, depends how i heal, fukin delt is weak as **** and smaaaaaaaall, soooo frustrating.

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