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    Test Prop/D-bol Questions

    I have never ran test prop, so I just wanted to ask. But I read all the threads on how painful some can be. Now is the pain you guys are talking about right during the time of injection or is it post-injection were you are feeling it hours after or next day pains?

    Also, I have jump started my current cycle with 40mg of QV Dbol a day. Now along with the pain going with test prop, I have heard the horror stories about back pumps. Causing some people to stop there daily dosages. I am only on week two and just seeing alittle water bloat, but awesome gains so far. Is there anything I can do to prevent or stop a problem(back pumps) before it starts? Thanks to any help and info you guys can offer......

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    hey fellow pizan...............the prop is gonna' hurt for at least a day or two, u should shoot it ed for best results..................maybe drink more water ??????????????? for the back pumps..............just deal with it...........cause ur gettin' bigger..........and no gain.You can always heat the oil slighty to reduce pain at the injection site and alight massage helps too.JMO

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    I loooove prop, who cares if it hurts a bit. As imann said: No Pain No Gain

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    i'm on the same cycle right now..

    test prop 100 mg ed and dbol 3-4 ed , i'm at two weeks of the prop and one week of the dbol - i'll drop the dbol in four weeks and kickin Fina to finish - of course accompanied with clomid and nolvadex at that point..

    as far as pain - none here - i do heat it in water first to lighten the thickness and it's been fine - the pain is minimal and the delt or glute seems to swell around it and the whole muscle is tight and a little swollen - not an anyway limiting.. you'll be fine

    as far as back pumps ? those are not necessarily caused by sauce - they are a mix of bad form, bad diet ,and poor hydration ..

    STIMULATE DON'T ANIAHLATE - not only stands for workouts themselves but diet, injections, and general bodybuilding life..

    good luck..

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