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    carbs and DNP, it doesn't make sense

    whilst I've been researching DNP , I've come across post after post of people claiming that low carb diets are unsuitable whilst on DNP and that it works better if you eat carbs.

    They also say that eating carbs increases body temperature but that this isn't the reason why a medium/high carb diet works better, so what is? I'm working on the assumption that body fat and carbs both get burnt in the same way in the cells (after fat has been turned to glucose). If that's the case, then why should it matter where the calories come from? Just get your 1.5g/lb of protein, add EFA's and let your body pull the rest of it's energy requirements from bodyfat.

    I'm aware that fruit can be useful to keep T3 levels up whilst on DNP but I'm having trouble getting my head round the concept that carbs are needed. Can someone explain please?

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    Your assumption is incorrect, carbs and fat are metabolized differently. Fat doesn't get converted to glucose btw.

    The short answer is that carbs provide substrates neccesary for fatty acids to be run through the kreb cycle.

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