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    Talking Cycle update week 5 (up 15lbs)

    Heres my week 5 update up 15lbs up to 195lb now thats pretty **** good, yes i know its probably some water from the d-bol but hey 15lb in 5 weeks i am not complaining fuk 11 more too go, this is my 3rd cycle it looks like this
    weeks 1-16 500mg/enathate/week
    weeks1-10 300mg/deca /week
    weeks 10-15 75mg/fina e/o/d
    weeks1-5 30mg/d-bol/day

    pct hcg weeks 12-16 500i.u. twice/week
    weeks 19-22 clomid 100mg 1st day 50mg/day following
    weeks 19-22 nolva 20mg/day

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    Since this is your third cycle and because you are also running HCG , run the Fina 7-8wks. That means you will have to run the Test E 17-18wks. PCT 2 weeks after last Test E shot, and your recovery should be fine

    The Deca dose is fairly low and should create any prolactin problems; however, when you start the fina, the Deca esters will still be clearing and the fina will be adding to any potential progesterone related problems. Id run b6 @ 200mg ED from wk8, even starting now shouldn't hurt your gains too much to be noticeable.


    Fina needs to be shot ED. Id run it at 50mg ED

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