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    How soon til i see/feell something on HGH

    this is my first GH (jinotropin) cycle shooting 2IU/ED split AM PM.
    after 2 weks ill up it to 4IU and stay there assuming no sides at 4IU/ED.

    How long till I get some noticable efect on GH?

    thanks fellas

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    I believe it takes about 3 months, but I could be wrong...try posting this in the HGH forum...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RedBaron
    It will take about 9-12 weeks before you really start getting some noticable effects like body composition changes and such. Until then, you won't really notice much....maybe a little better sleep and sense of well being....but nothing much beyond that.
    thanks fellas - and illl post future GH ?s in the GH forum

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