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    How Is This Cycle???????????

    wondering what u guys think of this cycle i made it up, to my needs. i kno the dbol might be a little light, and i dont want to go crazy. also ive been reading about the sus. and ppl have been saying to take sus eod. on my weeks 1-2 and 7-8, should i take 125 mg twice a week, instead of taking 250 at the start of the week? also im taking the sus because i dont want to retain alot of water and keep the aromatizing down. also i need alot of help on my pct, what do you guys think i should take for my pct? hcg too much for this cycle?

    thanks in advance for your posts.

    week 1-2(250 mg sus, 15mg dbol, 10mg)
    week 3(500mg sus, 20mg dbol 20mg nolvadex )
    week4(750mg sus, 25 mg dbol, 20mg nolvadex)
    week5-6(500mg sus, 20mg dbol, 20mg nolvadex)
    week7-8(250mg sus, 15mg dbol, 10mg nolvadex)
    week 10-12(pct clomid)
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    I think u need to do a little more reading... if i were u i would switch the sust to test e and run it like this..
    1-10 test e @ 500mg e/w....250mg shot mon/thurs
    1-4 dbol @ 30-40mg ed
    pct 2 weeks after ur last test shot.....
    day 1 300mg,2-11 100mg, 12-21 50mg...of clomid... also dont forget to have some antie's on hand throughout ur cycle.....

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    I agree with 123BJ. You do need to study some more b4 you start juicing. I don't like this cycle at all, you shouldn't really do the old school ****. The goal is to keep your blood levels consitent.

    I'd go with 123BJ:s cycle proposition. Drop the sust, cause to make sust work at its best you need to inject it EOD. You don't need HCG on this cycle.

    1-10 Test E or cyp @ 500mg (250mg every 3.5 days)
    1-4 Dbol @ 30mg ED
    Nolva 10mg ED during the cycle

    Pct 2 weeks after last test shot...

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