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    Question Training while on M1t & M4ad+

    Not sure if this is in the right forum (i didnt want to put it in the training forum because its more of a PH question)

    Right now im all natural, and am using T-nations ABBH workout program:
    I also plan on following it up with their ABBH2 and TTT training programs (which utilize the same guidelines as ABBH)

    I was wondering if when i start my m1t and m4ad+ stack I should continue training this way or switch to a more conventional way of training (5day split, ~10 sets per bodypart, 6reps per set, etc)


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    depends on how ur body responds...i do one bodypart per wk
    i do 3 exercises per body part with 5 sets,

    biceps - barbell curls (5 sets)
    hammer curls (5 sets)
    precher curls (5 sets)

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    anybody else?

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