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    Weight gain on a cutting and bulking steroid?

    Well i know from a bulking stage you gain a lot more weight then on a cutting cycle. My questions are the fallowing.

    1) What are the averages that one may gain of weight on a cutting and a bulking cycle?

    My best friend took bulking and he gained about 20lbs, then lost about 13lbs....Most of it water. I also had a friend of mine that gained about 12lbs of lean muscle on his cutting cycle.....Lost only a couple pounds......Id say the cutting cycle had the best results.....

    2) Even though a cutting cycle reduces body fat, do u still gain weight?

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    well I'm wondering how your friend's diets were, because the difference between bulking and cutting is mostly in your diet. As you probably know, it is nearly impossible to bulk up and cut at the same time, so I'm not sure there is an average because most people will bulk and then cut. And as for your friend that lost 13 pounds (about 70% of his gains) did he use PCT properly? Because with that kind of loss it seems like he didn't.

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    I recently did a bulking cycle, gained 26lbs and only lost about 2-3lbs due to water. Why? because of correct PCT..........I makes a world of diff if done correctly!

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