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    high liver value?

    Hey all , i have finished my first course about 2 weeks ago . I was on 550mg test enanthate for 10 weeks and i finished on 50mg ed stanzolol (injectable)for 6 weeks making the course 12 weeks in total . My baseline lft was 42 and the test i had 3 weeks ago came back at 141 !!! . I have just been doing some research on here and found tribulus could raise values ? i was taking tribulus daily . I am due for another test in 4 weeks so hopefully things are better .

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    is it proven tribulus raises liver values ? if so is tribulus bad for you ? cause i really like it , its better than viagra by miles.

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    chill out for two week then get another blood test, if you're values are as high as you say they are. normal values are suppose to be around .28 if i remember correctly and +/- 5 points is the norm. If they dont drop in two weeks get some liver detox, run some r-ala etc. then go see a doctor b/c damage can occur.

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    141, mine was around 200. I was told and later found in my own research that vigorous exercise can elevate liver enzymes to around 200, especially the ALT which can be released from muscle cells as well as the liver.

    I wouldn't do a **** thing, b/c considering what you just put your body through they're not exactly, abnormal and i guarantee you, you have no liver damage. If you read up on liver enzymes you'll find that real damage is seen when the enzymes are in the THOUSANDS!


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    yeah man i wouldnt sweat it, it was me who wrote about the trib and i think its true, during my pct i was popping trib like a champ and when i got my test results back my values were at 117. i asked a buddy of mine who is really experienced with this stuff and he immediately asked me if i was taking any tribulus i said yeah and then he said take some milk thistle and go back in a month. so i went for my test about a week and a half ago and my doc said if he doesnt call me in a few days im alright... well he still didnt call.

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