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Thread: t3 questions

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    t3 questions

    ive researched t3 a little and im still confused about what it actually does i am a little scared to take it because ive heard it can mess your thyroid im taking clen right now and im seein good results 40 mintiues of cardio a day and fairly clean diet which is gettin better but i want to take something with the clen any help is apprciated

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    Your thyroid produces T3 which has a part of regulating your metabolism. Most people will agree that if you dont abuse T3 that it wont permanently affect your thyroid. The T3 supplementation will raise your body temperature so you will want to monitor it. Monitoring your temp will allow you to determine if you should take more T3 or less.

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    I just got done taking a cycle with T3. Honestly I am not really impressed with it. I thought it would be more of a miracle worker after hearing the way people described its results. I would stick with the clen .

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