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    Tren Enenthate Users?

    I will be starting tren Enenthate in a couple of weeks with my current cycle of Test Enenthate 800mgs wk,Deca 200mgs wk for joints,HGH ed,B6,B12,B5,and Nolvadex ed.It will be the first time trying the tren enenthate and was curious of some of the results of others that have tried it.What kind of strength and size should I expect?

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    I ran 600mgs/week of it. I think it's good, and I didn't get "tren cough" from it, but I certainly couldn't sleep and I was sweating all the time. Strength gains were good, though.

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    i will take tren e over tren a anytime. Sides are not as bad but def. there still. Strength gains are awesome on tren.

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    I used it my last cycle which was really suppose to be a bulking cycle
    Went from 216lbs to 240lbs and at my heaviest weight my waist was
    a little over 1" smaller too... Was stronger every single week nomatter
    if i was tired or run down from work or not and hit personal bests in
    4-5 movements on the stuff, and ran it at 500mg week with 1,200mg
    of test ent and 400mg of EQ... But the tren ent is what made the big
    differnece in the cycle IMO...

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