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    Question Question about cycle

    Hey guys

    I was looking at the novice cycle #1-5 and was wondering if there is any way that i could cut that down to maybe 8 weeks ... 15 weeks is a long time and all that gear will cost a lot of money.... im a college baseball player and have to sit out this year because of transfer eligibility rules so im looking to get a good cuttin cycle in ...any suggestions would be appreciated ... thanx

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    well personally i don't believe in "cutting cycles". you can cut bodyfat by diet and exercise... perhaps with an e/c/a stack.

    if you're going to do it half ass i wouldn't do it at all, especially just to "cut up".


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    i dont really think i'd do another cutting cycle, i mean hes right, you can get it done with diet and cardio, if you wanna add lean body mass, try things like prop, eq

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