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    B-12 injection sites and rotations?

    Sup guys, i apologize if this is a repeat question but I did extended searching on AR and couldn't find very relevant info on B-12-

    I'm curious as to other good sites for b-12 (other than quads and glutes)... also, how the receptor sites react to repeat injections every other day. I ask because i don't want to shoot the stuff in my right cheek, and go back to it 4 days later and end up with my body rejecting most of the b-12 due to overused receptors.

    *disclaimer: i know the term "receptors" might not be the right term to use

    any info is appreciated

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    Its an intramuscular shot... so u can do all the spots listed @

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    Yup.... I do 1000mcg eod and go between delts and glutes with no problems.

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    I did 1000mcg ed hitting the delts, quads and tri's. Hit a nerve once which was kinda scary. But other than that I didn't have any problems.

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