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    bulking cycle help!

    my stats are 5"10 195 bf 15%
    i will be running
    1-12 test 250 at 500mg week 1-2 then 750 on out
    1-10 qv deca 300 at 300mg 1-3 then 500mg 4-10
    1-4 50mg dbol ed
    1-12 nolva 10 mg ed
    12-15 clomid and nolva

    i will shooting test 250 three times a week. want to know if i will keep my blood levels up? also i am trying to stay around 3000 + calories ed. does this sound good. tear it apart if you have to any info will be appriciated thanks to all! my goals are to put on 15 solid pds. my 3000 calories are clean. thanks!

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    Personally I'd toss the dbol and frontload with prop instead. I'm nagging everybodys case about this Don't jump up and down with the test and deca . Keep 'em at the same aaaaaaall the way thru...

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    frontload the test @750mg then 500/wk. Try 25-30mg d-bol ed, take 500mg deca /wk.

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    1-12 test 500mg week --> keep it constant!!!
    1-10 qv deca 400 --> keep it constant!!!
    1-4 35-40mg dbol ed (take liver protectants: milk t and ala)
    1-14 nolva 10 mg ed
    pct start 2 wks after last enant inject so:
    15-18 phednoo's pct (search for it!)

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