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Thread: New Ug Lab?

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    New Ug Lab?

    OK just like the title says i was talking to a bro at the gym and he was boasting around about juicing in which i just thought what a dumbass. BTW he doesnt know i juice. Anyways he was saying that he has heard of a new ug lab called anabolic pharms? I've personally never heard of it and he told me some prices i felt like were a little to good to be true. I hope this is not against the rules. He said prices for test 50mL=175,Deca 50mL=175 and a very low price on Anadrol . Anybody got in opinions? thanks in advance.

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    im not too positive if were allowed to post prices but, truthfully they sound good for what i usually hear at my gym but, then again ive seen cheaper prices posted here

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    very good reputable company. great stuff at a very cheap price.

    tell your friend to keep his mouth shut by the way or someone is gonna knock his teeth out.

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    He must be talking about the 500mg versions of both of those products. Otherwise, someone is making 75 apiece off him! As far as AP, Dude is well known!
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    There are a lot of new UG labs nowdays, and those prices are average for UG gear. Never tried Apharm though

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    I have never tried Anabolic Pharms but his reputation in other boards is very good.

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