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    Lightbulb First Cycle with Sust 250

    Dear BBers,

    Help required here !!!

    I am planning a 10 week cycle with Sustanon 250 on

    125 mg on M-W-F for 10 weeks
    (will keep Nolva in hand, just in case of gyno)

    Can you suggest about Arimidex usage throughout the cycle, some mods say that Arimidex stops conversion of Test to estrogen.

    Please also suggest PCT with HCG , Clomid.

    Want to end the cycle with Clenbuterol !!!

    Thanks in Advance

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    Iwould use test enanthate for a fisrt cycle, you can mix iy with 30 mg of dbol a day for 4 weeks... 500mg of test a week for ten weeks, good luck

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    sust eod nothing more.

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