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Thread: missed a shot

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    missed a shot

    ok im gone on vacaition and i coudnt take my shot, so this week i only had 250 mg of test instede of 500 is this goin to make a big difference in my cycle or am i goin to be able go regain it. i am also drinkin for halloween. any comment or suggestion are greatly welcomed thanx bros

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    Just continue on with your injections, wont make any difference, its only 1 shot you missed. I dont drink on my cycle, I try to keep my diet as clean as possible. But I suppose drinking once wouldnt hurt

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    Drinking once isn't going to hurt anything and neither is missing a shot.
    Just make sure u drink lots of water. I usually drink 20 oz's ever 4 or 5 beers, and one huge glass b4 bed.

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    Dont worry about the shot you missed, as for the drinking part, I would just skip the drinking, you will be better off with out it.

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