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    2nd cycle-very confused now with all the info

    Hello, I have been reading threads and searching on this site like crazy and i keep getting so much conflicting information on how to do post cycle therapy etc etc, and some posts are really old. So i decided to post and see if any body can give me up to the minute advice so to speak. I have been reading and there are alot of different ideas ot there now. However this is my cycle and any critique and guidance would be much appreciated.
    Week1-4 dbol 30mg/day split into 3 doses through out day
    Week1-10 500mg Sus and 400mg of Equipose taken mon and thurs
    Week13 begin clomid therapy 300mg day1 100mg for next ten days then 50mg for last 10 days. I also have some nolvadex on hand for signs of gyno.
    I also want to know if i should be taking vitamin b6 and how much. During cycle, is it ok to use milk thistle to help liver function? And what benefit does saw palmetto have? An help would be appreciated. Thanks guys.

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    bro, your not gonna get much out of the EQ. run EQ for 12 weeks or dont run it at all. 10 weeks is also cutting it short with the test. if sust is all you have than i guess you could run it how you have it but gains will be very minimal. i would recommend running a single ester.

    and ya its alright to take milk thistle, i would take it weeks 1-4.

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