hi guys, want to do a lean bulker, i also wanna keep with long esters with this one so im not shootin ED, EoD aint a prob but not ED!

im at 195lbs with probably 10-12% bodyfat like to get to 205lbs and drop a little fat, heres what id like to run but id like everyones input:

wks 1-12 Test E 500mg Pw
wks 1-10 EQ 400mg Pw
wks 1-10 Tren Hex 400mg (not sure) run 75mg at EoD b4 and had good results with minimal sides, would this be a good dosage?

I'll be using Arimidex to keep off extra water and have nolva on hand, also usual standard PCT clomis, nolva etc

have i got my clearance times right b4 PCT know EQ stays in system a bit longer than test E, not sure bout tren hex tho

Flame away bro's