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    Cycle questions anadrol,sustanon,tren, winny, anavar, eq

    anadrol : first 10 days/75mg/day(jump start)
    sustanon :1-10/500mg/week
    tren :3-10/100mg/eod
    anavar :8-13/50mg/day
    nolvedex on hand
    other vitamins to keep my body running good..

    i'm 6'3 225 and 4.2%bf right now.. i haven't done a cycle in ten months due to sports drug tests. for sustanon i'm going to be taking one shot of organon and one shot of tornell a week... i was wondering what you guys think about mixing human grade and vet gear??? well let me know your thoughts on the cycle and any input is appreciated.. thanx in advance for your guys help..

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    I would drop the a-bombs and one of the DHT derived steriods at the end.

    Sustanon 250 mg E3D (625mg wk) 1-14
    EQ 200 2 times wk 400mg wk 1-12
    fina 50mg ED 350mg wk 1-10
    vas/winny 50mg ed 350mg wk 11-16
    letrozole 1mg EOD

    With that being said at 4.2% bf your cycle should give you a good 20-25 lbs with minimal fat gain. Just keep up the good work.

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    Well would it be ok to take the anavar in a low dose like 15-20mg/day with the winny??? i'm trying to put on some good lean muscle i want to gain as much as possible but stay lean.. i'm taking a lot of cleansers.. this is my 4th cycle should it be ok to bump up the sustanon to 750mg/week?? and is it ok to take one vet and one human grade shot a week??? thanx for the help...

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    You ought to run 250mg EOD that'll put you at 875mg/week. Sust is best ran EOD due to its short ester (prop). If you wanna run 750mg/week then you better get your calculator ready...With EOD injections you'll end up at a strange number...

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    I would drop the var. It isnt going to do **** with tren and winny in there. all you are going to do is waste money.

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