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Thread: 375 mg?

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    375 mg?

    Wuz up fellas, I am currently on my 14th day of anavar (20mg ed) and tomorroow will be my 14th day of test enanthate (3rd shot will be tomorrow), I have been shooting 250mg per shot. I have 2 more weeks of anavar and 8 more weeks of test. My question is if I could shoot 375mg all at once. I have been reading alot and some recommend 500mg a week, and others say to see how your body reacts and stay at 250mg, so I have decided that 375mg sounds like a good number. I have put on like 5lbs already and I am feeling horny as hell. I also have some anxiety the last few days when I am sleeping which seems to be signs that the test is starting to kick. Would 375mg be cool to shoot all at once?What do you guys think!I am 5'11 at 200lbs.

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    test enahte is best shot 2x a week. **** since u are doing 3ml a week, u could even go mon/wed/fri

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